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6-Week Bootybuilding 101 Plan

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  • 18 workouts of various training (i.e. strength, plyometrics, resistance) to effectively build a foundation of tighter, leaner, legs, and a rounder, fuller bum
  • A comprehensive Exercise Database with pictures and tips so you know how to properly perform the exercises in your workout(s)
  • Suggested sets and reps
  • Nutritional tips and advice
  • Immediate download after payment, so you can get started working towards your bootybuilding goals today


6-week bootybuilding 101 results

This client experienced remarkable progress in both the glutes and hamstrings! The bum has grown, lifted, and rounded significantly, along with impressive development in the hamstrings.

results 6-week bootybuilding 101 plan hmillerfitness.comtransformation 6-week bootybuilding 101

This client succeeded with an overall decrease in body fat (most noticeably in the tummy, arms, and back), along with growth and increased roundness/perkiness in the bum! From the back, the glute/ham tie-in (right under the cheeks) has significantly lifted, firmed, and rounded, resulting in a fuller bum.

This client reduced overall body fat exceptionally -- especially around the tummy and waist, in addition to her upper and lower body. Legs have tightened and bum has taken on a more rounded shape. 


“Is This Plan for Me?”

This plan is designed for gals who want to lose some weight and start developing sculpted legs and a perkier, bigger bum. If you are relatively or completely new to lifting and have these goals, then you will love this plan!

No worries if you don't know how to do certain exercises; this plan will ease you in and teach you how to effectively and properly perform the given exercises, with pictures and tips.

“Why Should I Try This Plan?”

I have carefully crafted this plan based off of my experience over the years and what I have found to be truly effective. At the end of this program, in conjunction with proper nutrition, consistency, and patience, you should see results of a decrease in body fat and better developed muscles, especially in your legs and bum.

“Can I Do This Plan If I Have Been Lifting for Several Months?”

Yes! Just adjust the reps/sets and/or weight for each exercise to be more challenging.

“Why 6 Weeks?”

Our bodies take time to show us results from both exercise and nutrition. 6-weeks allows you to see more progress in a realistic, healthy time frame. 

What You’ll Need

Gym access with standard gym equipment, such as: dumbbells/kettlebells, smith-machine/squat rack, bench, cable tower, leg press machine, hip abductor/adductor machine, assisted dip/pull-up machine.

Resistance band(s) optional, but highly recommended: Usually sold in a pack with varying resistant weight. Bands provide added resistance and therefore, contraction. I have seen a rise in progress ever since I started implementing more band work. Trust me and get them. You'll be glad you did.

What to Expect

Three days of your week will be split into training: glutes twice, overall lower body (legs) once, and various cardio sessions. The other four days are rest days; you can take them back to back, or spread them throughout your week, the choice is yours.

With this 6-Week Bootybuilding 101 Plan, you’re guided into learning how to properly execute the exercises, along with descriptive tips, so you can feel confident about what you’re doing and that you’re working towards your bootybuilding goals.

“How Long Are the Workouts?”

You should be able to complete your workouts in about an hour.


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