Online Coaching Overview

Please review the following information for Online Coaching.

What To Expect

At the beginning of each week, I will send you your training and adjusted macros (if necessary) via email. At the end of each week (ex. Saturday or Sunday), please check-in with me by completing my Online Coaching Weekly Check-In Form. This will update me on how your last week was with training and nutrition, so I can assess and create your next week of training and macro adjustments.

    Monitoring Weight

    Please weigh yourself every day in the morning (before eating) and keep track (write it down). This is one way that will help us assess progress. For better accuracy, strive to weigh yourself around the same time every morning with minimal clothing.


    Nutrition is a key player in both fat loss and muscle building. It's extremely important that you eat according to your macros -- being fully aware of what and how much you are actually consuming. Tracking your macros in a free app such as MyFitnessPal is highly recommended. Furthermore, it is recommended that you purchase and use a food scale as they are more accurate in terms of measurement. Food Scales can be found for less than $20 on Amazon or at your nearest Walmart, Target, etc.

    For the best results with nutrition, it is important that you strive to make the basis of your meals from whole foods (unprocessed, natural foods of the earth), and to minimize your intake of artificial, processed foods. There is nothing wrong with enjoying yourself to treats in moderation, so long as you are not frequently over-stepping your macros.

    Warming Up & Stretching

    I strongly recommend warming up and stretching prior to beginning your training. Warming up allows your muscles to become warm and your joints to become lubricated, prepping them for much safer activity.

    An example of warming up is biking for 5 minutes and/or performing two warm up sets with the first exercise of your workout (ex. 2 sets of body squats or barbell squats with no weight added). An example of lower body stretches can be seen here

    Weight for Exercises

    Dependent on your training experience, I will provide the suggested weight for the exercises in your workouts; however, please use your discretion in what feels both safe and challenging. Using proper form is always of the utmost importance and efficiency. If the weight feels too heavy or too light to complete the given sets/reps with, please adjust as necessary.


    You will notice cardio is described as two different forms: Steady State and HIIT.

    Steady State cardio is performing an activity at a relatively constant rate, such as walking on the treadmill, biking, or using the elliptical or stair stepper at a constant level for the given time to be completed.

    HIIT is intense, often explosive activities that repeatedly alternate between a high and low speed in an activity, thus elevating your heart rate. An example of HIIT is increasing the speed on the treadmill to that of a jog or run for 30 seconds, followed by 1 minute of walking speed, repeating this cycle over and over until the time is completed. Box jumps and wall balls are also other great HIIT exercises!

    Please let me know via email if you desire more ideas for completing your cardio sessions.

    Honesty | Keep It 100

    My goal is to help you reach your goal. For us to effectively do this, I need you to always keep it real with me -- this is especially important when it comes to food and your macros. Please don't lie to me out of fear that I will get mad at you for not tracking or exceeding your macros; or for not completing all of your workouts. Be open and honest with me so I can effectively help you (and/or encourage you) for the best results possible!

    Attitude | You've Got This!

    Last but certainly not least, it is important to understand that progress takes time. With social media it is very easy to put yourself down and become envious of others. Please try to not compare yourself to others, and instead positively focus on you. Work hard, be determined, remain positive and patient, and you will reach your goals!